ABout CFS New Laws for Recycling
On August 31, 2007 new laws went into effect regarding transactions from metal recyclers (View the laws here: ARS 44-1641, ARS 44-1642, ARS 44-1642.01, ARS 44-1643, ARS 44-1644, ARS 44-1645, ARS 44-1646, ARS 44-1647).

Here are the things you need to know about:

Anything over $300 is required to be paid by check, and the check has to be mailed to the person’s physical address.

You must have either a state issued driver's license, state issued ID, Tribal ID, or Military ID to receive monies from scraps - address on ID will be used to mail out checks over $300

Anything over $25 will require a finger print of the person claiming the scrap metal

Only one cash transaction allowed per day

No stripped copper and aluminum wire over 3/8" in diameter will be accepted from the general public

Businesses that want multiple people to cash in scrap metal must register each employee with the recycler

We need a valid ID, fingerprint and signature for all ferrous and nonferrous transactions. Aluminum cans and plastic are exempt.

If a person dropping off scraps is in a company vehicle, the check will be sent to the company, not the person dropping the metal off

Aluminum cans and steel are excluded from these new law changes

You must be at least 16 years of age to recycle any material

Industrial Accounts
"Industrial account" means a person or business entity that files or is required to file monthly returns for that person's or entity's transaction privilege tax licenses or a governmental entity that sells scrap metal to a scrap metal dealer. (Arizona State Legislator 44-1641. Definitions)
Industrial Accounts are not limited by scrap metal laws and had certain benefits:
Unlimited transactions per day
Cash paid up to $500.00
Legally sell Bright and Shiny Copper (stripped copper wire)
No limitation on metals such as industrial material old or new
Better pricing* (pricing is based on pounds, material and/or frequency of visits)
1. In person at any of our locations- please have all information required below as well as governent issued identification
2. Fax, email, mail or hand deliver to any of our locations your company letterhead
Letterhead information must include:
Company information (name, address, phone number, contact person)
License number (state, city, register of contractors, or employer federal Identification number) ACCOUNT WILL NOT BE APPROVED WITHOUT A VALID LICENSE
List of authorized persons to sell on behalf of the company
Letterhead must be signed by an authorized person
If all information is provided, account is automatically approved and is active for as long as you like.
Account can be cancelled at anytime or used as a one time basis.
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